Yadnya Kasada

The traditional music from the Tengger tribe resounded from Pendapa Agung Ngadisari Village, Sukapura District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java Province. The music accompanied the arrival of thousands of Tengger Hindus and domestic and foreign tourists. They attended the night of the Yadnya Kasada reception or ceremony, a typical ritual of the Tengger Tribe, a tribe […]

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Bromo History

Mount Bromo has been known as one of the international tourist destinations, especially in East Java, Indonesia. Its beautiful landscapes and unique geological characteristics have become powerful magnets that attract tourists to come and see their beauty. Surrounded by a sea of ​​sand and savanna on the south side, along with smoke coming out of […]

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Jathilan Bromo

Judging from the origin of the word, Jathilan comes from the Javanese sentence Jarane jan thil-thilan tenan, which if translated into bahasa Indonesia, becomes “The horse is really dancing uncontrollably”. These uncontrollable dance movements (thil-thilan) can indeed be seen in the Jathilan art especially when the dancers have been possessed or in trance. Jathilan is […]

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Tengger Kasodo

Kasodo and Bromo Eksotika are a series of art performances held to welcome the Kasodo ceremony for the Tengger tribe. The event is held every tenth month in the custom calendar. The concept of the show that unites art, culture and natural tourist attraction takes place in the sand sea area of ​​Mount Bromo. Mount […]

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