Balangan beach is one of the white sand beaches in Bali. Balangan beach location is on the Balangan beach road, included in the Ungasan Village area, Jimbaran Village, Kuta Selatan District, Bali. If visitors depart from Ngurah Rai International airport heading to the location of Balangan beach, it will take about 55 minutes, both by two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles.

The location of Balangan beach in Bali is a long way from the downtown hustle and bustle of traffic jams on the highway. In addition, the location of Balangan beach is very close to the location of Dreamland beach (New Kuta beach). This makes this beach a choice of tourists who want to find peace while on vacation to the beach resorts in Bali.

Balangan beach is one of the most famous white sand beaches on the island of Bali. This beach offers a stretch of coastline as far as half a kilometer, which is flanked by tall coral blocks. Because of the location of the beach facing northwest, in the afternoon the sunset view on Balangan beach looks very beautiful.

From the shoreline, aircraft activity at Ngurah Rai airport appears from a distance. Fishing boats on the Kedonganan beach, when loading and unloading fish catches in the morning, can also be watched by visitors from the shoreline. Besides seeing the view of the airport, visitors can see the beauty of Dreamland beach if they stand on the cliffs of Balangan beach.

In addition to the charm of unspoiled beach beauty, Balangan beach is a favorite location for world-class surfers. This is supported by the waves that are tall, long, and large. This beach is perfect for surfers who like challenges and not for beginner surfers. The surfers are very comfortable at the beach, from morning to evening, conquering the waves with their surfboards. Surfers from Australia have often come to Balangan beach in Bali.

Some tourism supporting facilities have been built around the beach area. Visitors can rent an inn’s long chair at a local location. With a long chair, visitors can rest in peace, while sunbathing to enjoy the sun during the day.

Thirst and hunger will be relieved by stopping at a café managed by the local community. The menu offered is very varied. Moreover, young coconut ice is a favorite choice for tourists to quench thirst, and young coconut ice is selling well.

For visitors who are on vacation with children, they can do swimming activities, play sand, while enjoying the view of the beach, especially the view of the sunset. But children when swimming on the beach, must be in full adult supervision.

Balangan beach is one of the favorite choices of prospective wedding couples who want to have prewedding photos in Bali. Every day there are photographers who standby  in here. Clean white sand with sloping and sky looming rocks is very supportive for pre-wedding photo shoot locations. Balangan beach is also suitable for taking pictures or taking selfies. Especially with a background of cliffs that stand firm. But it needs to be careful when passing through the rocks because they are slippery.

Balangan beach tourist attractions in Bali are perfect for visitors who expect a clean white sand beach. In addition, Balangan beach is very feasible for visitors who crave to see the sunset view. What is special is that Balangan beach is right for visitors who prefer a beach that is not too crowded.

To go to this beach is not like going to Kuta beach, which is always filled with passing vehicles and crowded tourists. The road to Balangan beach is relatively quiet. Quiet impression can be seen from the narrow road, rarely meeting other vehicles. But if cars pass each other (from two opposite ways), they need to be careful because of the narrow road. Along the way to Balangan, visitors will pass through houses or villas that began to mushroom along the road.

A walk along the beach makes visitors feel good, have a calm heart and feel free because there are not many visitors there. On the coast, there are neatly lined up tents and benches for sunbathing or tourists sheltering from the sun. While slightly to the middle, usually especially during the day it is always enlivened by surfers.

This beach is now no longer a hidden beach because it has begun to be known and visited by tourists. Lodgings and villas have started to stand along the road to the beach in the south of the island of Bali. Although the road is quiet and narrow, and the beach is still relatively quiet, these are exactly what several tourists are looking for.

Surabaya, 22 January 2020