On Sunday, 10 February 2019 at 6 a.m. the official government of Kediri district held a biking event to celebrate the anniversary of Embung Kebonrejo. The event was titled Tak Sekadar Nyali: Jelajah Alas Kandang Macan (Not Just Bravery: Exploring the Forest of Tiger Cage). This event started anf finished at Lapangan Desa Kebonrejo (The Fieldground of Kebonrejo Village), Kepung, Kediri, East Java.  

The participants would enjoy some facilities from the committee. They would take pleasure in homestay, morning snack, lunch, and ticket. In addition, the participants would get a very nice sweatshirt or jersey.

About the prizes, the committee provided several rewards. One of the prizes is mountain bike fullsus. It seemed that it was the one and only prize for the top winner. Also, there are LCD Television, DVD Player, electric fan, and doorprizes.

Before the participants performed the biking, they were joining the gymnastics as a warming up activity. A female instructor on the stage led this activity with full rigour. A nice music playing was on in order to accompany and motivate the participants. Warming up is necessary in order to avoid physical injury on the part of the bikers in this case. 

The track was located at the northern area of Mount Kelud. And as a matter of fact, the track was quite challenging. The 25 kilometers track along Mount Gedhe was already provided for the enthusiastic 1000 bikers who committed to conquer it. The track along Mount Gedhe was steep, narrow, sandy, stoney, going up and down. In short, the track for this Gowes Bareng (Biking Together) event was complete. It goes without saying, the full concentration on the part of the bikers was a must.

The biking event made Kediri able to become a tourism destination. In addition, the biking event is one of the series of events to celeberate the 115th anniversary of Kediri district. In the long run, the biking event would be held annually.

On Sunday, 9 February 2020 at 6 a.m. again the official government of Kediri district will hold a biking event similar to the previous year. This time the event is titled Gobar Baksos Kandang Macan (Biking Together and the Charity of Tiger Cage Forest). The same as the year before, the biking event will start and finish at Lapangan Desa Kebonrejo (The Fieldground of Kebonrejo Village), Kepung, Kediri district, East Java.

The prizes and the facilities provided by the committee are almost the same as the previous year. What makes this year biking event worth participating is Reog and Jathilan. These are two attractive traditional performances. Local and foreign tourists should not miss these two great shows. In addition, there will be Pesta Durian (Durian Party). Take your time and have the journey that you treasure the most! 

Surabaya, 27 January 2020